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1 a relaxed comfortable feeling [syn: dreaminess]
2 a feeling of lack of interest or energy [syn: lassitude, listlessness]
3 inactivity; showing an unusual lack of energy [syn: lethargy, sluggishness, phlegm]

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Middle English langour, langor, from Old French, from Latin languor, from langure to feel faint, languish -- more at slack


  1. a state of the body or mind caused by exhaustion or disease and characterized by a languid feeling: lassitude
  2. listless indolence: dreaminess
    certain languor in the air hinted at an early summer -- James Purdy
  3. dullness, sluggishness: lack of vigor: stagnation
    from languor she passed to the lightest vivacity -- Elinor Wylie
  4. obsolete. enfeebling disease: suffering


  • French: langueur

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